Assisting Rights Based Organizations

Community Rights – For Future Generations

COCRN is currently focused primarily on two activities.  One is getting the COCRN Constitutional Amendment on the ballot and passed, the other is assisting with the creation of many more rights based organizations across Colorado.  Our goals are to create a very strong rights based movement across Colorado; and to change the laws at the highest levels of both the State of Colorado and the U.S. Government.  So very important to achievement of these goals is the spread of rights based organization.

Both COCRN and CELDF are ready to assist individuals and groups with getting a rights based organization started in their area.  This usually works best when there are tangible ways in which your community’s fundamental rights are being violated.  These violations can have to do with a variety of issues such as fracking, giant polluting pig and cattle farms, toxic sludge dumping, contamination of agriculture by GMO agriculture, toxic mining practices, wages that are not livable, union issues, GMO labeling, and other rights violations.


 If you would like assistance with creating a rights based organization in your area, then we suggest you read over many of the parts of this web page, as well as: