The Boulder-3 Wave 2018 Fracking Moratorium


The Boulder Three

The Boulder County Commissioners eliminated the current fracking moratorium that was to remain until July of 2018. Now Commissioners’ Domenico, Gardner and Jones will consider when oil and gas production will be allowed in our community. The toxic industrial activity of fracking will not only poison its residents but will foul the air, water and natural open spaces in our beloved county. Community activists have won some hard fought battles with the commissioners in Boulder county, pleading with their local representatives to protect the health, safety and welfare of its residents but those attempts appear to be in jeopardy once again.

At stake is more then saving the Boulder county community from the harmful activities of oil and gas drilling, its the ability of the community to self govern corporate activities that wreak havoc on our Democracy. For those new to the public debate on fracking in Boulder county, the masks of the commissioners have been torn off to identify that even so called liberal officials in a progressive enclave can be bought for the right price.

Under pressure to decide if fracking can proceed in their community, the Boulder Three once on the side of the residents appear to have caved in to the moneyed interests of the oil and gas barons. Or perhaps the commissioners political futures matter more than serving its citizens like the oath they took when they were sworn into office to place those they represent first and foremost.


Community Rule

Due to previous battles facing community outrage opposing fracking, the three women have decreed no public statements to be allowed from their citizens in the upcoming hearing, written opinions only that they collect in advance. Governing behind closed doors is the current tactic deployed by the Boulder Three to ignore the will of the people.

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