Fracking Movies and Videos

hedges Chris Hedges @ Stop the Frack Attack Summit-Denver, CO

Chris Hedges speaks to community members from states impacted by oil & gas production operations in urban and rural environments.

The Fracking Song

“”My Water’s On Fire Tonight” is a product of Studio 20 NYU in collaboration with The song is based on ProPublica’s investigation on hydraulic fractured gas drilling. It is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Music by David Holmes and Andrew Bean. Vocals and Lyrics by David Holmes and Niel Bekker. Animation by Adam Sakellarides and Lisa Rucker.” -RT America



Gasland – Movie

Filmmaker Josh Fox discusses “Gasland”, his Sundance award-winning documentary on the dangerous consequences of natural gas drilling. Fox’s film was inspired when a gas company came to his hometown. The film exposes drilling related health issues such as chronic illness, animal-killing toxic waste, disastrous explosions, and regulatory missteps.



The Sky Is Pink – Vimeo

“An emergency short film from Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated director of GASLAND addressing the urgent crisis of drilling and fracking in New York state.” -EcoWatch

The Sky is Pink – EcoWatch Article



What you need to know about natural gas production, Dr. Theo Colborn

“Dr. Colborn has delivered her talk “What You Need to Know About Natural Gas Production” many times across the country. It has educated and motivated individuals nationwide to organize and address the environmental and health issues raised by natural gas operations. Now, TEDX has produced a video of this lecture, complete with photos and data slides to illustrate the fact that natural gas is not the ‘clean energy’ that industry is touting it to be.” -The Endocrine Disruption Exchange


EcoWatch TV Interview: Filmmakers of New Fracking Documentary Triple Divide

“Through personal stories, experts and public documents, Triple Divide tells a cautionary tale about the consequences of fracking, including contamination of water, air and land; intimidation and harassment of citizens; loss of property, investments and standard of living; weak and under enforced state regulations; decay of public trust; illness; fragmentation of Pennsylvania’s last stands of core forest; and lack of protection over basic human rights.” -EcoWatch