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How Corporations Are Colonizing Us

This Colorado map shows many of the toxic industrial sites in our state.  The Metro Denver group spent many tens of hours researching the types and locations of these facilities.  After a while, due to the large number of facilities that have to fit on the map, the best we could do was to put the facility icons in the correct county.  … Read the rest

Colorado Leaders’ and Developers’ Ambitions Eclipse Human and Environmental Health: I-70 Trench & Storm Drainage Projects

Joint proposals by the City of Denver and the Colorado Department of Transportation seek to widen and lower an I-70 viaduct into a trench below the water table within Environmental Justice neighborhoods that occupy an unremediated Superfund Site in the most toxic zip code in the U.S.; as well as digging a 2-1/2 mile stormwater drainage system for 100-year flood protection of the project just south and parallel to I-70, named the “Platte to Park Hill.”

The decision to lower I-70 viaduct into a trench instead of diverting traffic and widening two existing highways to the north (I-270 & I-76) in predominantly industrial areas, seems to be driven by ambitions of the City and State for development of land north of I-70, extending from downtown to Denver International Airport.… Read the rest

Action for the homeless in Denver Metro

Members of the Metro Denver Community Rights group have been supporting efforts by Denver Homeless Out Loud to pass a statewide Right to Rest Act in the Colorado Legislature.  This Act would allow homeless people to exist and survive in public spaces, to sleep in a legally parked car, to share food or eat in public spaces, and have a reasonable expectation of privacy for their personal property in public spaces.… Read the rest