Rights of Nature

Establishing rights for the natural environment is another forefront of the community rights movement. Environmental law has failed us, and attempting to make a system work where the regulatory bodies identify with industry has proven to be a failure. COCRN agrees with CELDF and other progressives that bringing the environment into the jurisprudence of the law is what is needed.… Read the rest

Oil Trains

Crude oil is a hazardous mixture.  Some crude oils, especially fracked oil from the Bakken formation in North Dakota, Montana and two Canadian provinces, contains volatile components.  Due to the fracking boom, there has been an explosive growth in crude oil transport by rail, which has caused  human deaths, environmental contamination and huge explosive fires that fire departments simply cannot fight — they just have to let them burn out.… Read the rest

Rights of Homeless People

Denver Homeless Out Loud and other groups have tried for 3 years to run a bill in the state legislature called the Right to Rest Act, giving homeless people the right to exist in public spaces. They plan to run the bill again in the 2018 state legislative session.

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State Preemption

In Colorado as in other states, it has been observed that very often “Corporations write laws, legislators enact them, and the courts enforce them.”

Since the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) began writing state preemption laws to override local bans on tobacco in the 1970’s, the group has worked with every kind of industry to draft model state preemption laws to override local governments in the service of the corporate bottom line.… Read the rest

Historical Issues

There are a number of historical issues in Colorado that are examples of corporate rights and state preemption harming local communities.… Read the rest