Rights of Nature

Establishing rights for the natural environment is another forefront of the community rights movement. Environmental law has failed us, and attempting to make a system work where the regulatory bodies identify with industry has proven to be a failure. COCRN agrees with CELDF and other progressives that bringing the environment into the jurisprudence of the law is what is needed.

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The case of the Colorado River

“On September 26, 2017, Jason Flores-Williams, an experienced civil rights attorney licensed in Colorado and Washington D.C, filed a Rights of Nature lawsuit on behalf of the Colorado River Ecosystem against the State of Colorado in US District Court [Case 1:17-cv-02316-NYW].  Working for the environmental group, Deep Green Resistance, and using the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) as legal adviser, Flores-Williams filed the first suit in the country for a river seeking recognition of its legal rights – to exist, flourish, regenerate, be restored and naturally evolve.Read the rest