Virtual Democracy School in Colorado

The CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) Democracy School: Igniting a Rights Movement for Communities and Nature!

Hosted by the Colorado Community Rights Network and your local grassroots organization.

Democracy School is a stimulating and illuminating virtual course that teaches residents and activists an empowering new approach about how to reframe exhausting and often discouraging single-issue work – such as opposing fracking, overdevelopment, and pesticides, or advocating for worker rights, housing access, and protecting water – in a way that we can confront corporate control and government interference on a powerful front: the people’s right of local self-governance and Nature’s rights.

Educating your community is one of the most powerful steps toward change you can make. Here are the details for our upcoming virtual Democracy School event:

Each Democracy School consists of four modules.

Democracy School is open to anyone – but we recommend either finding a school hosted within your community or hosting one yourself. It is important for your community to create meaningful dialogue and networking around the issues that are most important to you and and the people where you live and work.

Outline of Curriculum: The virtual Democracy School consists of 4 modules organized as lecture/presentation, small-group breakout discussion, and large-group discussion.

Module 1: Where We Are Now – Exposing Intentional Barriers to Community Self-Determination

Module 2: How did we get here? The Power of Property

Module 3: How we could make change – Asserting Rights

Module 4: Where We Could End Up – Building a Movement for Real Change

Minimum enrollment for the Virtual Democracy School is fifteen students. The school is not  recorded, so you must attend the live school. Registration is restricted to students who are able to attend all 4 modules.

Questions? Contact: [email protected]