Democracy School

As the people of Colorado have seen first hand when trying to prevent fracking or factory farming or raise the minimum wage, the regulatory system in the United States operates for the benefit of large corporations. You might wonder how this happened? You want to optimize your time and activism if you’re going to join today’s movement for rights for people and nature.

Periodically, COCRN offers a 1.5 day course to explain how this governmental system was created. The course is taught by organizers from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and is a must have for effectively fighting for community rights, environmental protection or reduction of climate change.

To hold a Democracy School, we need a minimum of 20 students. If you are a Colorado community that wants a Democracy School to come to you, just organize a group of 20 people who will commit to pay the tuition and we will work to bring the course to your town. For more information on Democracy School, contact Dianne Thiel at [email protected]

We’re very pleased to provide the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF’s first full length, on-line Democracy School, free! The School was recorded February 2017.

Presenters are Kai Huschke, CELDF’s Northwest Community Rights organizer, and Brad Read, teacher and Community Rights proponent in Spokane, WA.  Click on the link below to go to Democracy School: 

Democracy School online

*CELDF: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, the non-profit that originated the community rights legal strategy